About Us

Recordez is a limited company which was formed in 2007 to be a supplier of quality Music instruments in Nairobi and its environs. The shop is conviently located on 2nd floor of Yaya Centre along Argwings Kodhek road. It is managed by two directors and has a staff of two employees. We stock a variety of music instruments e.g. Keyboards, Guitars, Violins, Saxophones, Trumpets e.tc. They come in various brands e.g.Rocket, Yamaha, Sonata,Stag and many more. We also sell a range of music accessories such as guitar and Violin strings, reeds, valve oil for wind instruments, and rosin and bows for stringed instruments.

In addition to that we also stock a variety of music instructional books for all instruments.

Other services provided by Recordez include repairs and maintenance of music instruments.

Our Vision

Empowering Kenyans to develop and attain their Music Potential..

Our Mission

Recordez will strive to provide music instruments to the community by giving personalized service to the customers, and educating them about the products they need to attain excellence in being musicians.

  • Acquire 80% of the local market share.
  • Create a hands-on, educational approach to musical instrument merchandising.
  • Target the large number of school band instrument customers who currently bypass local music stores for catalog or internet sales, due to poor service, selection and prices.
  • Aggressively target the public school system and local religious organizations.